Thankful Thursday with Randomness in between!

Obamacare! My President is Black!

 This is from my Husband – “Damn, the Republicans are fighting mad about the Affordable Care Act bill passing. I say get over it, it’s constitutional now Bit**es!” And I LOVE it! This is HUGE! Thank you Mr. President!

It’s Friday Eve yall! Today I’m thankful for that too! I’m also thankful for a great soror that I work with that was cleaning out her closet and thought of me! I was gifted with not one, but two beautiful dresses, one still had the tag on it! There’s no other, like our Sisterhood!

 Now for the Randomness:

  • I love Usher’s song with Rick Ross – Lemme See
  • Now that DJ Khalid song – Working all Winter, Shining all Summer, I ain’t no beginner, you scared! This cracks me up each and every time I hear it! Take it to the Head lol!
  • I’m off for the holiday next week and extended my holiday and I have no plans, just relaxation is on deck! No 4th of July plans either!
  • It’s hotter than a sumabyotch outside!
  • Hollywood Exes anyone? That damn Andrea Kelly, R’s former wife is heelarious! Favorite line – it ain’t nothing but stretch marks and mortgage payments over here! Lmao

That’s all I got! What are you thankful for today?



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