Thankful Thursday!

Today, I’m doing a Thankful Thursdy post and I’ve done it before and you will probably see this series quite often here on this blog. There is always so much going on, but I’m always reminded how extremely blessed I am! So, today’s edition of Thankful Thursday goes out to my employer! On Monday I was sitting at my desk working and my Manager comes by and hands me a card. Well, I was in the middle of doing documentation, but I was so caught off guard, I stopped myself and said, self, that documentation can wait, open the card – and this is what that beautiful card looks like:

So, I told my Manager how beautiful I thought it was and I guess he could tell I was about to carry on, he said be careful, there’s a card in there. I went ahead and pulled everything out, and inside was a $25 giftcard wih a nice personalized message, as seen below:

I thought that was so very nice. I’ve worked all over, but have never received anything for Thanksgiving. I can remember dating a guy once whose company would provide them with a Ham or Turkey, but I never until this year. And not only did my employer provide everyone in our Division with a card and giftcard, they also provided catered Thanksgiving Breakfast and Lunch on yesterday. Shoutout to Chef Clayton Sherrod LOL, the food was great! So, I’m very Thankful! Given the state of our economy and cutbacks, my employer went above and beyond in my opinion and for that I’m truly Thankful!

So, what are you thankful for on this Thankful Thursday?



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