Thanksgiving Eve

Thank GOD it’s Thanksgiving Eve! Somehow, short weeks become long weeks! I started the work week with thinking I had one important meeting and completing my monthly report before the holiday. And then, bright and early Monday, I was hit up with another documentation request. Couple that with Internet and E-mail being sketchy, it was not a good look! I’m happy to say, the documentation is complete and my report will be sent before lunch!

I did my hair last night, so I have holiday hair! I just need to finish laundry tonight and pack. Oh & make it through the work day! LOL I’ll be spending the holiday in Houston with my In-Loves, yeah, I said it, In-Loves, because we Love each other! I will try to drop by tomorrow, it might be tough since we’re traveling and will go straight to grubbing once we arrive LOL! Just in case I’m so stuffed, I can’t post, I wanted to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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