The Car Trouble Edition!

So sorry I’ve been out of sorts lately. I have a few posts that I hope to get up this week, in the meantime here are the haps:


My car being put on the tow bed 🙁

  • Last Thursday I had car trouble! And I don’t know about you, but I hate it! My battery was dead and if I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now, get Triple A! Fortunately, I was at work, attempting to leave for lunch when the car wouldn’t do a thing. Now, this is where it goes downhill. Very nice guy showed up, tested the battery, alternator and starter and the great thing is he had a brand new battery on his truck. Crisis averted right?! Hell Nawl! I got off work, the car wouldn’t start again! I called the same guy back on his personal cell, because Hell, he gave it to me! He came back, but get this, the car started right up! It’s because my friend at work had looked at the battery cables and wiggled it I think. So, I drive on home, because at this point, I don’t want to get stuck out anywhere!
  • Friday morning, I get up and start my car to be sure I’m not going to have to get dropped off early as Hell by my husband. The car started fine. I drive to work, no issues. Venture down to Target on lunch, no issues. I arrive back at work and realize I’ve parked haphazardly, I get back in and attempt to start the car, NOTHING! I’m not gone lie, I was about to lose it! I found my friend that helped me on Thursday and he said, I think it’s your battery cable, you probably need a new one. He said I’m going out to lunch, I’ll pick it up and put it on for you! NICE! But I went to my Director’s office and was like I need to leave, my car won’t start and I can’t get caught up on a Friday! Seriously, I was on the brink of a mini-breakdown! He asked me to tell him what the car was doing, and then he said let me take a look at it! He and another co-worker attempted to give the car a jump and nothing. My Director said go ahead and call a tow-truck! I call Triple A again and specifically ask for a tow-truck. I call my friend and tell him don’t worry about it, because the Director and another co-worker tried to help and I was just going to have it taken somewhere. Tow-truck driver arrives, I ride with him 2 miles down the road.

    The guys had to end up pushing the car to the bay!

    NOTE: In case you’re wondering why I didn’t just call my husband, he was out of town working. 

  • No lie, the mechanic takes one look at the brand new battery, shakes the cable and said it’s not getting a good connection, touches it and the car starts right up! I almost did a praise dance right then! They replaced the negative battery terminal (cable) for $12, labor was $12! I called my friend back and told him he was right! Whew! I was so glad it wasn’t anything major. They finished my car so fast!
  • My weekend started early, no complaints about that over here! I headed on home and beat the rain! I ate the lunch I never got an opportunity to eat and vegged out on the sofa the rest of the evening!
  • How was the start to your weekend?
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  1. LaShawn says:

    My weekend was ok: baseball, park, nothing major. I got a new car this weekend because I was about to be on the side of the road crying when the thing went out. I hate car payments, but well…

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