The Weekend Edition

Here’s what I had on tap for the weekend, a busy one I might add!

Friday, I went home to make some mac n cheese to go with the BBQ Chicken I made. I had been wanting mac n cheese for a week, so I had it Friday night. I wanted to take in a Margarita since it was National Margarita Day too, but since I couldn’t make it at the house, seeing as though I didn’t have everything I needed, it was a passing thought.

Saturday, I had book club meeting and a 40th Birthday party! For Book Club, we discussed Homecoming Weekend, which I read last year when it was first released and I enjoyed it.

Homecoming Weekend

If you thought Las Vegas was where “what happens” stays, you have not been to homecoming at a historically black college or university, which means you have missed out. Until now, that is.Curtis Bunn’s novel, Homecoming Weekend, provides readers a provocative, engrossing and humorous journey to an HBCU campus for those two days of reminiscing, partying, sex, romance, laughs and even tears.There is nothing quite like homecoming. It is a combination of a massive family reunion and festival, a sentimental and reaffirming annual experience that is laced with rekindled romances from years gone by, weekend flings and surprising revelations. Bunn paints high-definition images of the events as he takes you on the odyssey of five sets of friends back at their alma mater seeking satisfaction in different fashions. And while they arrive anticipating one thing, they end up with realities that place them in moral and ethical dilemmas—and the resolutions are as satisfying as a warm embrace from a dear old friend.Best of all, Bunn makes you feel like you are right there with the characters— or wish you were there.

I enjoy Book Club most of the time, but it lasts entirely too long! I have a life and I’m always the one that ends up leaving first.

Desire to Dream Book Club

Desire to Dream Book Club

I had to go back home to head to the party with my  husband and this is one time, I wish I had skipped book club. The party was off the chain! It was at a lil hideaway location, with a Mardi Gras theme, great food, drinks, a live DJ and dancing! We had a great time!

Partying Mardi Gras Style!

Partying Mardi Gras Style!

And I rocked my animal print Seven Jeggings I scored from Groupon Goods:

Seven Jeggings

Seven Jeggings

Slippin on my Pimpin (Bluetooth)

Slippin on my Pimpin, excuse the Bluetooth!

Excuse the bluetooth!

Slow Grinding according to the Hubs!

Sunday, was my Brother-in-Love’s birthday, so my sister grilled steaks for his day and invited us over. I didn’t have my phone handy, but I wish I had taken a pic of my plate, my Steak was huge, with Shrimp Kabobs, salad, potatoes and rolls. I was too stuffed to indulge in Birthday cake, but I did take some home.

Afterwards, we swung by the Be Fierce Naturally Preview Party for an upcoming Natural Hair show that’s happening here in 2 weeks. Again, we were all late to the party! By the time we arrived, they were making the last remarks, so that was a let down too. I saw a few friends, snapped pics and left.

My BFF's Linesister and my natural hair friend!

My BFF’s Linesister & my friend!

Be Fierce Naturally Preview Party!

Be Fierce Naturally Preview Party!


Once again, I rocked animal print, this time Jones NY jeans:

Jones NY Jeans

Jones NY Jeans

Would you believe I had one more stop! My husband was like that’s it for me lol. So we went home, I grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to a co-workers birthday dinner her husband was giving her. I was late, but I told him I would be. It was fun. One of our former co-workers was her surprise and we gave him all the gossip that he’s missed, then told him he needed to come back to work with us lol.

That was my busy weekend, how was yours?

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    Ma’am you were serving in the animal print!!

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