Tuesday Lunch Errands


I just ran mad errands on Lunch! Mad I tell you!

Have you ever bought a cereal and had to return them to the store because your husband said it’s not his preferred flavor? Ok, just me?! Well, that was errand # 1. Since my husband has been on his whole fitness kick, he no longer eats Frosted Flakes, but has turned to Great Grains. And me being the loving wife that I am, when Publix had them BOGO, I picked up 2 different variations (flavors). Well, Mister said, yo, ma, that ain’t what I eat. Fortunately for me Publix is where shopping is a pleasure and they happily let me exchange them.

Then, on to errand # 2 was get in Target, because with the weather changing, ash is prone even on this light-skin, so I had to get some lotion, hand soap for the kitchen and said husband and I had to get up on my coffee creamer. I made the mistake of buying the big bottle of International Delight White Chocolate Mocha creamer. It was disgusting! I poured my coffee down the drain and subjected myself to the toitlet water they pass off as coffee at the office. I should be well stocked up for the next couple of weeks, I have 3 different flavors to get me through! Oh and before I went in Target, I stopped at American Deli and ordered my lunch, then made the mad dash to Target, stopped back through to American Deli and ate in the car on my drive back to work.

That’s how I get it in with Tuesday Lunch Errands! What’s up with you?




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