Veteran’s Day Parade, the day after

Saturday morning, all roads led to Atlanta to see my nephew march in the Veteran’s Day parade, the day after the holiday! We left hella early to me, but we made great time and realized if we just hung out at the CNN building, the parade route was ending there! It was perfect, I had a restroom there, an ATM and Starbucks if I needed it!

We finally saw my nephew’s school after seeing several of Atlanta’s local high schools. We were so excited! This was his first parade that he participated in and we were all trying to snap pictures and my sister, his Mom, was video taping.

Here are a few shots:


After the parade, we went to have lunch at Copeland’s, my sister had never been there and that’s really sad, considering we had one here for several years. I knew quite a few of the items on the menu, because I ate there regularly no matter where I lived. Then we swung by Total Wine, we don’t have that either here, but I was first introduced to it when I lived in Charlotte. We stocked up, did a little more shopping and hit the road back home.

After spending the whole day with family, it is exhausting! I can only take them in small doses! All day is a lot! If I hadn’t been so tired, I would’ve taken a drink once I made it back home. All in all, it was a good day!

Be Kurlylicious!



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