>Weekend Fun

>I know it’s been a few days, I’m trying to play catch up, bear with me please!

First Friday was a total bust, I didn’t make it. In talking with a girlfriend, we’ve decided we are some lames, lol.

Anyhoo, I did make it to the Junior Achivement Bowling fundraiser Saturday morning and then checked out Brooklyn’s Finest. Pretty decent movie, although we had someone to not know not to talk during the movie and got mad when someone told him to STFU! lol That was so funny, but the fool then wanted to fight, drama at a matinee and it was less than 7 people in the theater.

The Hubby & I (check out my bun) – Bowling for Junior Achievement

Sunday we tried a new spot for breakfast, it was pretty good and then I went to a girlfriend’s house for a Cabi Wear party. That was my weekend! Already looking forward to this upcoming one!

The Hubby @ Breakfast

Mrs. AKAtude @ breakfast, still rocking my twist-out

Texas Skillet and French Toast – YUM!

Until I sign in again – Dueces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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