Weekend = Funtimes

This past weekend I was finally getting together with my girls for a Girl’s Night In for a Birthday Celebration. Before that though, I had to run a few errands and dressed comfortably, with that night in mind because we were also going to have a Painting Party. Here’s my look:


All Eyez On Me!

I found that cute sweatshirt at Forever 21 and LOVED it! I got a lot of compliments on it.

When I made it to my girlfriend’s Mom’s house, the party prepping was already being done:


Preparations for our Paint Party!


Prepping the Spinach Dip!

As I mentioned, we were getting together for a Birthday celebration and celebrate we did! Check out the pics:


The Birthday Girl!

And to be sure I got everyone’s pic, I pulled out my trusty ShutterBall and was a selfie snapping maniac!:


Homies since highschool!


My craziest friend from highschool lol


Ramsay and Montevallo STAND UP!


Highschool classmate and Soror!

I really am just a social person, I like to eat and get my sip on, so I tried everything in my power not to paint, but I couldn’t get out of it. Here’s my handiwork:


I’m an Artist and I’m sensitive about my shyt!

Here are more pics:

Our Educator that doesn't follow instructions lol

Our Educator that doesn’t follow instructions lol

I sat next to this fool! lol

I sat next to this fool! lol

First Paint Party 2014

First Paint Party 2014

And because I had not seen my girls since before the holidays I always try to give them a lil something, so I picked up these cute scarves:


I gifted the girls with Scarves!

That was pretty much my weekend! I didn’t do much else, other than hanging around the house. How was your weekend?

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