>Weekend in Review

>Once again it’s Sunday night and another weekend has gone down in the record books! Friday was a very interesting day! I had a 2 hour training session that morning and when I left, I got caught up in a hail storm! It got a little scary and luckily the class was near my Mom’s house, so I went by there to let the storm pass. The storm slacked up some and I needed to grab lunch and head into the office. Well, traffic was a mess and the storm started up again and schools were having early dismissal! Normally when that happens, my office closes. Well, I got off the interstate and decided I would renew my tag since I had some time on my hands, because of the traffic, but in the meantime of making this decision, I called my co-worker to ask had the office closed yet. True to form, there was talk of it, so I commenced with my plan. And while waiting in line, I got a call from my co-worker that they did close the office – SCORE! But the damn line at the DMV was a colossal fool! It took me an hour!

Saturday I got to see my bff and her family, minus 1 kid, the ever so dedicated Soccer player! I got to see her husband and her husband’s cousins that I hadn’t seen since their wedding almost 14 years ago, her little guy, her God Mom and her line-sister! We got around to discussing natural hair and I think I’ve convinced the younger cousin to keep at it! We had a great meal and tasty drinks too! It was a great day! By the way, I rocked a bun all last week and one more day won’t hurt! lol


My little friend, I love him! His birth I didn’t miss!

We had lunch @ Zea’s Rotisserie Grill, never had a bad meal here!

Pesto Crusted Flounder, buttered Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli YUMMY!

Spa Martini – Grey Goose, Citrus and Cucumber, it was Tasty!

Sunday was a day of rest, but I did head out to my local Sam’s Club and pick up my free cookbook for members!

I’m still a lil salty about Target being out of the recyclable bags they were giving away with a purchase today in honor of Earth week before 3 PM!

Well, that’s my weekend!

Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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