Weekend In Review

Friday is blur, I had a busy day at work and was just glad to go home. We stayed in, ordered pizza for dinner and I was asleep before 9.

Saturday, I got up early to drive to the Winery, we had scheduled that for 11 AM, but you know us coloreds just can’t be on time! It was a nice experience. We tasted 12 different wines and I must say, I had a buzz because I had not eaten anything. Here are a few pics:

Tried to snap a pic while driving into the Winery



Wine Tasting List

Let the wine tasting begin!



 Here are pics of my menu choices for brunch: 

Tomato Basil Soup


Shrimp & Grits (waited too long for this snack!)

Gifts from Bookclub President

I had to cut out on the actual tour because after being there 2 1/2 hours, I had to go so we could drive to ATL.

I went home, got dressed for our road trip and promptly slept off some of that wine while my husband drove us LOL.  We made it to our hotel with a little over and hour to spare before dinner. And we planned it just right, our hotel was right next to the mall where the Birthday dinner was being held. I was little disappointed in the hotel, Internet was $9.95 per IP address, no beuno! I’ve stayed at Sheraton’s before and never paid for Internet. I guess all Sheraton’s aren’t created equal. Oh, and I’m sure that bottle of water I drank in the middle of the night will show up on my husband’s debit card this week too, my bad! I stayed at a Sheraton in Orlando in July and August of this year and had none of these extra charges. But I digress.

We left the hotel and went to the restaurant and arrived at the 7:30 hour as the Evite instructed and we were the first in our party to arrive and wait for it – the reservation was for 8 PM! We have driven from out of town and I took my husband away from the game to make sure we arrived on time and this is what we get. Well, I tell you what, we don’t play, we took us a seat at the bar, ordered us some drinks and an appetizer too! When everyone arrived, we were going in on some Calamari LOL. We finished our  appetizer and then joined them at the dinner table. Dinner was great, it was family style and I had no idea you had to vote on the Evite what you wanted to eat for dinner, yeah, someone missed that all together and it wasn’t me, seeing as though I wasn’t on the Evite LOL. Afterwards, everyone was going to the birthday boy’s house, but the hotel was right next door and if we were going to drive to Austell, we might as well just drive back home, so we passed. And for whatever reason, I think I was just tired, I took no pics that night.

Sunday we checked out of the hotel, went to our fav spot Pappadeaux for lunch, and I once again had one of my fav meals:

Atlantic Salmon Yvette

Afterwards, we went to Cumberland Mall for a minute, I wanted to check out H&M and then we got back on 20 to head home.

That evening, I ventured out to the Joy to the Curls event, check out the cute cake:


Cute Cake (I didn't eat any)

I left early and made it home so I could finish watching RHOA.

That was my weekend! What did you do?

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  1. adrienne says:

    Ohhhh next time I’m in Atlanta I HAVE to go to Pappadeaux! I had it in Chicago and LOVED it!!! I need to check out that book. I LOVE Francine Rivers!

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