Weekend in Review

This past weekend was pretty chill. I got some Cardio in on Friday evening with my girlfriend. Had I not made that date with her, I would’ve skipped the gym altogether, but I’m glad I got it in. Afterwards, I got my husband and I Sushi to go and that was my Friday.

Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I met back up at the gym for a Y Strong class – Muscular strength and endurance at it’s best. One hour class targeting every major muscle group using bodybars and free weights. Weight training in a group setting with awesome music and a motivating instructors!! Strength and Sculpting.

After class, my husband and I went to three different restaurants. We decided to go to Pappadeaux, they had sent a coupon for our Anniversary, which was in May, but I just received the coupon in July, go figure. I also had a gift certificate from my birthday, so we had a very inexpensive lunch there. We decided while there, we would go to the Cheesecake Factory to grab Cheesecake to go, but we had to make a stop beforehand at Big Bad Breakfast, to pick up some Big Bad Bacon. It’s very good and spicy. I always buy 2 pounds. So that was our restaurant tour for Saturday.

Sunday, my company had our annual picnic at our minor league baseball park. I went to the gym first to get my Cardio in and then we headed to the park. It was a very nice turnout. I waited a whole year to buy me a baseball hat from this park too. My husband tried to give me a hard time, but I was not hearing it. This is the only pic I snapped all weekend!

How was your weekend?

Be Kurlylicious!

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2 Responses to Weekend in Review

  1. Lashawn says:

    I wish I could get up the motivation to work out regularly like you do!! I need at make a trip to Papadeux! We haven’t been in years!

    • Kurlylicious says:

      I had to make a conscious decision and effort. Once I could start fitting in my clothes that I had previously outgrown, that was my motivation to keep it up. You know our Pappadeaux just opened here last October, so we’re elated lol.

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