Weekend in Review

Happy Monday! I had a pretty good weekend. What about you? On Friday after work, my coworker and I ventured down to our local Upscale Tex-Mex watering hole and took advantage of Happy Hour. And let me just say, 1 for them, 0 for me lol!

Saturday, we surprised my Grandmother with a 80th Birthday celebration and she was so surprised since we all had celebrated with her on her actual birthday. The celebration on Saturday was very special because her only living sibling, a brother and his kids came up to celebrate in her honor, as well as my cousin, who I had not seen in 2 years! It was just a great time!


Five Generations!

Sunday, we had a Girl’s Night In – Game Night with a Mexican theme. That Taboo game got really rowdy and we spilled some tea too!


Photo Cred: TAM

Photo Cred: TAM


My team won lol!


All in all, I had a great weekend! Did you do anything special this weekend?

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