Weekend in Review

Hello, it’s Monday again! My weekend was an adventure to say the least!

On Friday, a former coworker was in town, so we went to a well known BBQ spot, Jim N Nick’s and let’s just say I ate too much!

Catfish, Mac n Cheese, Collard Greens

It threw the rest of my day off and my workout ended up being very late as well, but I got in a Cardio session for good measure, because I felt like my eating was all off kilter.


Work Baby, Work!

Saturday, I made it to the gym for my Y Strong class, six days of workouts last week, so I was happy.

Cookies & Crunches

Afterwards, a friend put out a call to action after reading this article and was collecting feminine products for ladies in a local shelter here, so I, along with my sweat, trekked down to the police station to drop off said items. It was great seeing everyone and her call garnered 30 ladies agreeing to donate. It felt wonderful being a blessing to others!

The Executor of it all!

We showed up and showed out!

Since I was downtown, I ventured to one of my fav cupcake spots and decided to eat breakfast since I was there. With a full tummy and since I was already out, I kept it moving running a few more errands. Three stores later, I finally made it home and showered and crashed to prepare to see the great, Jilly from Philly! And she did not disappoint! It was a great, sold-out show!

Waiting on Jilly from Philly with my handsome date!


Action shot!

And on Sunday, the sabbath, I rested! I did nothing outside of my home. I did make breakfast, did some laundry and prepared a Seafood Lasagna that will be featured on Tasty Tuesday.

Seafood Lasagna

I got caught up on my DVR and watched my Sunday night Bravo shows!

Here I am, back in the saddle at work. How was your weekend?

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