Weekend In Review

It’s Monday again and while I’m thankful for a brand new day, it can be any day, but Monday, but I digress. I feel like the weekend was a blur! It came and went!

Friday, I was trying to be sure I had my vacation days requested properly for my upcoming trip and I went to see my Director and he told me to leave whenever I got ready because it was Friday, so I left at 3! Had I known I would be cutting out early, I would’ve never eaten such a big lunch! I ended up going home to catch a nap and headed to the gym around my normal time. I must say again, the gym is such a pleasant experience on Friday evenings. This was my facebook post:

A very short while ago I spent my Friday evenings at a real Happy Hour with Cocktails in the Club, but I can truly say getting a workout in on Friday is my new high! No one is in the gym! It’s so peaceful! It’s my happy place! This is 42 y’all! GOD is good! ‪#‎growth‬ — feeling awesome.

Friday night after checking into the club of Chipotle, because that’s what I’m convinced it is, the line man! I settled in for the night and at almost 11:30 PM, we experienced a power outage! Black Dark! And the power did not come back on until after I left to open up the gym Saturday morning! Hell, I went early, so I could eat a light snack before class lol.

Coffee & Cardio

After the gym and stopping to get my husband and I breakfast, I settled in to watch POWER, and OMG! I was not ready again! That show takes me through it every week.


I was late for my eyebrow appointment because I just couldn’t stop watching!

Saturday night, I went out to celebrate my friends’ 40th birthday. They’re twins, a guy and girl and were my neighbors growing up. It was so much fun! It was like a neighborhood reunion!


1st Cousins (My cousin & Sister)

Old Neighbor and my Mom’s former coworker when we became adults lol

It was great seeing people from the neighborhood!

My sister wanted in on the action!

Our sweet friend! Our Grandparents were neighbors!

Blow the Whistle! #myish

My bro-in-law and cuz’s hubs and apparently I heard another jam lol

Sunday, I had to get up early to take my husband to the airport, he’s visiting his family for a few days and the timing is great since he’s getting to spend his Mother’s Birthday with her! He also had a mini-reunion with his drumline from highschool.

Since I was out early and not far from my Mom’s house, I went and had breakfast with her. I had intentions of going to the gym when they opened, even dressed in my clothes, but I ended up doing a lil shopping, grabbing lunch and I went home to take a nap. I did get a workout in, but it was 5 hours later than intended! Better late than never right?!

Brunch So Hard

 Afterwards, I went to the grocery store, I stumbled upon this:

I LOVE Dark Chocolate, but not sure about this!

I journeyed on home to get settled in for my Sunday night shows!

That was my weekend! How was yours?

Be Kurlylicious!


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