Weekend Wrap Up (Pic Heavy)

I had a busy weekend yo! Friday I had to leave work early to go home to change and head downtown to attend the National Association of Black Journalists Mountain Top Awards Reception and Dinner. The guest speaker was CNN’s Don Lemon, who at one time was an anchor on the local news here. We walked right in and were immediately introduced to him. My husband’s fraternity brother invited us, and made the introductions as this is my frat brother and his wife and do you know this kneegrow, Don Lemon, asked was I a Delta?! Y’all, I was wearing the pinkest dress I own! But the crazy thing is, he really was serious, like didn’t have a clue. After hearing him speak, he was so humbe and down to earth, so I forgave his faux pas and went ahead and took a picture with him.


Don Lemon of CNN



See, my dress is PANK baby! I remember Babs saying Dress Barn has nice dresses, so on my last road trip for work, I stopped by one and I bought this dress for $20! Here is a better pic of the dress:


Pretty in Pink!

Here is a snap of my husband:


The Husband

Saturday, my husband had to work and I went ahead and did the right thing and went to the gym, check out my level of enthusiam below:


Mean muggin enroute to the gym

Later that afternoon, my husband and I took a road trip to HuntsVegas to see the first game of Tuskegee University vs. Alabama A&M University at their home stadium and TU won! Check the pic below:


The faces of VICTORY!

Sunday was set aside as a day of board volunteering. My husband is the President of the Board for Community Kitchens and the board memebers and families met, prepared brunch and served the homeless. We do this a couple of times a year, and each time it’s always very rewarding! I was on fruit salad duty and I acutally learned a couple of things. The first was how to chevron an orange, that I will definitely be doing from now on and also, to preserve bananas for the salad, cut them up in vinegar water prior to putting them in the salad. Check the pics below:


Kitchen Duty


Preparing to serve


Serving fruit salad



By the time we finished serving and cleaning up, we were starved ourselves, but before we could eat, I wanted to visit my Mama and Grandma since we were so close. We only went by for a few and then journeyed to one of our fav restaurants, Firebirds. Check my good eats out below:


Sesame Encrusted Salmon


Brownie with Salted Caramel Sauce

That was my weekend! Tiring, I tell you, but great all the same! How was your weekend?

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  1. Disco Diva says:

    How much vinegar to water? Does the bananas taste funny?

    Looks like a great weekend!

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