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I’ve been reading whatever Kindle book I can find for FREE99. I lucked up a few weeks ago and read three in a week. Short, easy reads and they were all African American authors. First up is:

Keeping It Tight

Three is too many for any relationship. When the insecurity and deception in Cornelius and Lela Johnston’s marriage reaches a point of no return, it will take a miracle to pick up the pieces. Take the journey where past hurts and abuse meets temptation.
How Did I Get Here
The first of a three part series will read to you a story about failure, struggle, and redemption at its greatest capacities. Find out how the consistent faith of his wife delivers him from evil and how Preston finds humility as the greatest spiritual relief he has ever felt. Preston Brown is one of the most elegant and upcoming stars in the African-American community; who has destiny written all over him. He has everything a twenty-five year old man could ever want in life: a miraculous looking wife (Delight), kids, dog, and a career lined up after seminary school to top it all off. Although, very intelligent and keen with words you will find out how Preston’s strengths will ultimately turn into his center of weakness. Preston finds himself in a series of unfortunate events that makes it difficult for him to even believe in himself after some time. Preston’s ambitious attributes meet the test when he finds himself caught up with a woman that attracts him in every way. Preston soon finds himself in a dilemma of whether to stay married or get a divorce.
Now You Wanna Come Back
Letting go is not always easy, and in some cases it can be close to impossible, like it was for Leila. She was stuck on her husband, and never thought she would ever stop loving him; even through the constant pain and suffering, she still had hopes that he d come back to her. Cold and unwilling to do right, her husband, Devon did what was best for him, and that was treat Leila horribly and lie to her time after time, leaving her no choice but to be rescued by another man. Rayshon Johnson, not the perfect man – but a good man – came along, and rolled the storm away and gave Leila back all the things that Devon took away. He kissed her where it hurt, and helped her to get over her insecurities about herself. By giving her back that confidence, she let go, and letting go was the wrong answer for Devon, and he refused to let her move on without him. He was determined to get his good thing back – no matter what the cost, he was determined to come back.
A House Divided
And then I ran across a free preview of Kimberla Lawson Roby’s upcoming novel, A House Divided, to be released on May 7, 2013.  I can’t wait to see what Reverend Curtis Black is up to next!
What are you reading on this Wednesday?
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