Wordless Wednesday – 2 DJ’s, One Stage!

The first time ever on the same stage – DJ Jazzy Jeff and Kid Capri!


It was nothing but a party y’all!

Announcing they’re going on Tour together! Don’t miss it!

DJ Kid Capri – very nice guy!

DJ Jazzy Jeff – Do y’all see his shirt?! #WRONG

Be Kurlylicious!

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Fashion Find Friday – The Statement Necklace Edition

A statement necklace is sometimes all you need to set off the simplest of outfits!  I wore all black for my night out with my Sorors to celebrate Founders Day. I was gifted a great statement necklace for my birthday that was perfect given the occasion!

Which brings me to my fashion find! I ran up on these lovelies at Walmart! 

$5 y’all! This isn’t the first time either! Around this time last year, I found this same deal at this same store! 

Get you some!

Be Kurlylicious!

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday

It’s a new work week for me. Thank GOD it’s a short one! Once again, the weekend went by in a whirlwind!

Friday, I didn’t do much – worked, treated myself to a nice, quiet lunch at a hidden away Thai gem, that I will definitely visit again soon.

Spicy Beef Salad & Coconut Soup

After work, I took part in my regularly scheduled Happy Hour at the gym!

Drink Some Coffee Put On Some Gangster Rap & Handle It



My husband hit the gym as well, but we missed each other. While he worked out, I picked up our take-out dinner.

Saturday, I got my days 4 and 5 workout in. I love Y StrongThis class targets every major muscle group using only bars and free weights. Y Strong is choreographed using traditional strength training exercises to match the music for a fun and effective workout. It’s similar to Body Pump if you’re familiar, but it was entirely too crowded. Luckily this week I won’t be there, but I’m going to seriously consider discontinuing going to that class on Saturdays and I just might switch to Barre – class deigned to strength, stretch, tone and balance the entire body utilizing the ballet barre, light weights, and body weight. Class includes toning and muscular endurance with bouts of cardio, an emphasis on the glutes, thighs, and core. I could use that too, so we’ll see.

Brunch – Steak, Salad and Mashed Sweet Potatoes (not shown)

Sunday, we went to check out the movie, Race. It was pretty good, but long!



That was my weekend, how was yours?

Be Kurlylicious!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A little over a week ago my Husband emailed me, yes, we communicate in all the ways lol, to say he wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day, but a local Winery was having the holiday dinner on Saturday. Ok, one, color me surprised and impressed, and two, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, but I really didn’t care if we didn’t do anything to be quite honest! The holiday has gotten completely out of control! So, I replied, we could do whatever he wanted. So, guess who’s going to dinner?!

We gussied up, this man put on a suit, and we journeyed on to our destination and it was great! 

The menu:

The Wine:

Paulina is a classic Merlot finished with a semi-sweet black raspberry. Paulina is a perfect twist on Merlot for those palates not accustomed to a typically dry wine. This wine pairs well with red meat and especially southern bar-b-que.

The guests of honor:


We had a quiet dinner, no line or waiting since we had a reservation and it was great! I would do it again! 

And like always, he gives me Pink Roses:

On today, the actual holiday, I cooked breakfast – scrambled eggs with cheese, pancakes, and Big Bad Bacon, my husband’s favorite from a local brunch spot and part of his gift, since I was in the area after my Spin class, which was a good one, see my stats below:

Tonight’s dinner we’re having pizza and we will finish the evening off with the chocolate covered Red Berry Ciroc infused Strawberries, the finale of my husband’s gifts!


Oh and an honorable mention, I try to send my Mama flowers every Valentine’s Day and she loves it and sent me a pic of her delivery:

That my friends is how we did/do Valentine’s Day! 

How was your Valentine’s Day? I hope it was as happy as mine!

Be Kurlylicious!

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