Tasty Tuesday – Creamy Tomato and Chicken Spaghetti 



Just a little Dinner I whipped up on Lunch! 

See Recipe here.

MODS: I use the whole 8 oz of Cream Cheese and to save time, I used a Rotisserie Chicken, you can skip the oil if you go this route.

Have you prepared any Culinary Delights lately?

Be Kurlylicious!

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Wordless Wednesday – I LOVE Spinning with my friend!

Obligatory Selfie!

We Spinning!

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Tasty Tuesday – Crockpot BBQ Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Hello. I apologize for my radio silence, but I’m here today to share with you a quick week night meal. My life has resorted to trying to save all kinds of time with my cooking because I try to go to the gym 5 days a week and with that it takes planning or dinner wouldn’t be on the table before 8 PM and we all know that’s too late to eat anyway.

I had some chicken legs in my freezer that I unthawed Sunday night, so I knew I could toss them in the Crockpot after seasoning with some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce and cook on Low for 4 hours and I would be good, but what to have with it? As I perused my social media, those memories are really coming in handy! I ran across a post I shared on bookface 2 years ago that was a handy chart that I’m going to share that actually was very useful with me having my Sweet Potatoes ready when I got home from my Y Strong class at the gym since I didn’t get up early like I initially planned to bake in the Oven before work.

Slow Cooking Chart

I still Googled how to cook Sweet Potatoes in the Crockpot lol, here is what I found:

So, I ran home on Lunch to start my Dinner:

2 Crockpots going at the same damn time!

This is how I do Lunch! Dinner was very good!

Today's Lunch = Leftovers

Today’s Lunch = Leftovers

So, if you need to save time during the week, here are 2 very quick and easy recipes. And I just added a green vegetable to round it out. I plan on doing all of my Sweet Potatoes this way! I’ll make a few at the beginning of the week to have on hand for meals.

What Culinary Delights have you made lately?

Be Kurlylicious!

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Wordless Wednesday 

Be Kurlylicious!

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