>Lazy Saturday

>Today I had a restful day, a lazy Saturday. My company had an Impact Day yesterday where we closed the office and volunteered for the day. I was so tired I think from the week as well as volunteering, I came home, took a shower and got in the bed. I did wake up early this morning, but I went back to sleep and chillaxed most of the day. DH and I did get out for lunch at one of our fav spot’s, Cajun Steamer. I also put the Bed Bath & Beyond circular in the car with us and we swung by there and finally invested in some new cookware and guess what, paid for it with a gift card I received from my co-workers at my old job for my bridal shower gift, I know, last year, lol. Better late than never though, lol.

Being silly – shhh Confession – I used to love Leopard print anything, lol

After shopping, we paid a visit to Yogurt Mountain for a sweet treat.

Enjoying my sweet treat! Mini twists still holding up well!

Today was a good day!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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  1. >Sup girlie– hit me up on azebaman@gmail.com… let's twak :)!

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