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Since I’ve gotten more acquainted with my iPad, I love that I now use the Kindle app, in addition to my beloved NOOK! I’ve been reading quite a few books as of late, when my schedule permits and I am notified of the FREE 99 titles of course! Maybe not best sellers, but decent enough for me to escape for a little while. First up is:

Growing up, Leah dreamed of marrying the love of her life and living happily ever after. Becoming the wife of basketball star Kellen McNeil and living the lavish lifestyle was more than she could have ever hoped for. But when her dream turns into a living nightmare, will she have the strength to give up everything she thought she wanted in order to save herself?

Always a great student and a gifted athlete, Omari was determined to work hard and strive to take care of the two most important people in his life, his mother and his younger sister, even if it meant taking risks. But one chance too many landed him in jail and serving time for doing what he had to do not once, but twice. Now, with two strikes against him, and ten years of his life gone, he’s got to start all over and make up for lost time. Can he finally find the peace and happiness he desires or will the mistakes of his past once again rise up and cost him his future once and for all?

Two different lives, two different struggles…but both determined not to make the same mistakes again, no matter what it takes. LaJill Hunt once again entertains in a gripping saga of love lost, love found and all that happens in between in Repeat Offenders.

 * I like LaJill’s books and this one didn’t dissapoint. The author is from Mobile, AL as is one of my bff’s that’s knows her, so I could be partial.

 Next up is:

What do you do when you realize you’re not who you want to be?
Rachelle Covington has it all. A fabulous home, a handsome and successful husband, two beautiful children, and a place in the upper crust that’s quite comfortable. But life is not all it’s cracked up to be, and Rachelle finds herself yearning for more.When her husband goes away on a business trip and the kids are sent off to the grandparents for a month, Rachelle heads back to Jubilant, Texas, to visit family and reconnect with her past, her purpose, and herself. But when a blast from the past shows up, Rachelle must confront feelings she thought she’d long buried. Will she give up everything to recover what could have been? Or will she find a reason to plan for the future?Fresh, sincere, and full of hope, The Someday List is an honest look at what makes us who we are.* This book was pretty good. I’ve read the author and the series before.

I’m currently reading this one:

Tamika Adams never lost in anything she did as a child. Now all grown up she’s seeking to win in the battle called Love. Soon she meets a suitable opponent in Quincy Thompson, a man who definetely brings his A-game and quickly sweeps her off her feet. When their two worlds collide, its filled with passion, love and sex. However lurking in the shadows are secrets and lies from the past that will turn their world upside down and cause their alliances to shift. Will they continue to play on the same side or will their fight for love simply be a recipe for disaster!?
* The verdict is still out on this one …..
What are you reading these days?
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  1. Artney says:

    I just downloaded ‘The Someday List’. I saw it had good ratings. I have a minute before I get to it. I’m reading ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ trying to get finished. Hopefully I’ll get to this one soon!

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