>Date Night

>We went to a restaurant that I had a deal for (like Groupon), $40 at Leonardo’s, that I paid $20 for last year. I’m notorious for buying these deals. Then we decided to grab a movie and I was so impressed with my Redbox App on my phone. We checked out The Roommate and it was just creepy crazy!

Heading out for Date Night

I uploaded this pic to Twitter and got a few tweets about it. I bought it in ATL at the World Natural Hair Show. It’s actually my second one. I bought the first one in ATL at For Sister’s Only, from the same vendor, but it was so snug, I wanted to buy another one. They were very nice, because I mentioned it and they helped me try it on right there, which was funny LOL. I’m giving the snug t-shirt to my bff. If you’re looking for cute t-shirts, check out Glitz & Glamour.

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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  1. Adrienne says:

    >I'm SO glad you linked the tshirt! I LOVE IT!

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