Happy Halloween!


Hello World! This is my attempt at dressing up for the holiday! I’m not big on Halloween, but Management wanted everyone to participate. Fortunately, I didn’t go through much, I actually had everything in my closet! My t-shirt is Natural hair inspired. It reads Coily and just happened to to match my tights, that I picked up on an end cap that caught my eye as I was in the line checking out at Target! My skirt also came from Target! So, that’s my Halloween attire!

I had a great day at work! Two co-workers brought me breakfast and a Director brought fruit for my class! Also, one of the new hires in my class made everyone candy bags. The Customer Care team went on a costume parade, that I joined and we circled back around to my Training room and gave everyone a candy bag after we took many more pictures! Hopefully this post will be updated with said photos at a later date!

How was your Halloween?

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