>It’s Earth Day

>Happy Earth Day! Please indulge in some artery clogging Popeye’s today! Even with all of this rain, that spot will be jumping today like they are giving away free cheese!

In hair news, my hair is still holding up. I tried to lay my roots down with a little Eco Styler Gel and bobby pins last night and put some moisturizer on it before I put my bonnet on for the night.

2nd Day Hair – my curl is looser on this side

2nd Day Hair – my curl is tighter on this side and you can tell the shrinkage a lot

In Nook news, I finally broke down and purchased Shirley Strawberry’s book, yeah, I should’ve researched more, it’s only 135 pages, that made me a lil mad. The book is ok, common sense talk.

It’s raining here today and I’m really worried that DHL is going to throw the books I ordered on my doorstep and they are going to be ruined by the time I get home. I had to order Antonia Carter’s book online, no one in this city had it and it’s not on Nook.

Happy Earth Day!

Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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