>Mr. Young Hot Birmingham (Professional)

>Remember when I mentioned that my husband was nominated as Mr. Young Hot Professional here, well, it was actually Mr. Young Hot Birmingham LOL! Anyhoo, this event was last week (I’m behind with my posts, I had a busy week). It was a great event! It was basically a fundraiser for the nominees to raise money for the charity of their choice. My husband’s choice was the Birmingham Urban League, which is an organization near and dear to both of our hearts. We’re both a part of the Young Professional extension of the affiliate and the hubs in serving in his second term as Vice President. He raised a total of $1K, which is a far cry from the dream of raising $5K, but all of the money went straight to BUL and that’s all that matters. Here are several pics from the event:

Our official pic from the photographer as we entered the venue

Making yet another donation to the cause

Unofficial photo that someone volunteered to take for us LOL

Here is one of our friends that was also nominated

The other nominee’s wife, our friend & B’ham Natural Beauties Organizer

I had to take this pic, I drive a baby Lexus, Toyota LOL

They kept the drinks coming!

Announcing the winner on the rooftop as a storm was upon us!

I had a great time! It was a great cause and again I’m proud of my husband for his tireless efforts in the community that don’t go unrecognized!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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