My Saturday on Sunday

I left my house headed to my Mama’s 10 am ish and didn’t make it home until 8 pm ish.

We attended the double funeral, my cousin did well, his uncle, not so much. To see grown men cry, just tears me up! Rest in Heaven Walter and Noah.

Hung out at Mama’s briefly and my sister came by, fresh from the airport after a week long business trip. She came bearing gifts:


Cute t-shirt!


We then rode over to my Grandmother’s house and she was cooking Salmon Croquettes, Rice and Biscuits, look at GOD! That is one of my fav meals!

Afterwards, we went back to Mama’s, sat around talking, my sister left and I sat around some more. My Mama hemmed my trouser jeans since I was still there. And then I left with intentions of going home.

By now, it’s going on 6, I knew I would be hungry later. I had planned on going to my fav Thai restaurant anyway and since I would be passing that way I stopped. I started with a cup of Coconut Shrimp Soup (not pictured) and Sushi (hey, I needed a snack lol)

Ebi Ten Maki


I asked for my Entree to go, but I was using a Groupon that said dine-in, the waitress had to bring it out (bullshyt) and brought me a to-go box.

Thai BBQ Chicken


My dinner as I mentioned was compliments of a Groupon deal. I did pretty well!

Cheap Dinner

I then headed out and decided to run in Target since it was on the way home and I could score the $15 Cardigans. I only got one, sizes were limited.

Finally, I made it home and the man that lives here called and crushed the remaining dreams of being Husband Free! He’s taking an earlier flight home, Hell, he is probably in the airport now! I expect a call any minute! My alone time was short lived :(. Safe travels
Husband! I guess I need to make a move and prepare for my peace and serenity to be disturbed LOL.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. CeCe says:

    I get really excited about a cheap meal too!
    Frugalista Married

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