Soulfood The Series


I’m so happy TVOne is airing this series from the beginning! This is such a great, feel good show! I started watching this show when it started in the Summer of 2000. I had just moved to ATL and fell in love with the characters! I felt all warm and fuzzy watching them as a family interact. The sisters reminded me of my sisters and I. Once I was all into the show, I would get prepped to watch the show on my big TV in my apartment in Roswell and I would NOT take any calls during that time. It took my family and friends a long time to get that! I recorded all the shows on my VCR and took the tapes home during the Christmas holiday and my family fell in love with it too!

Not only did this show bring entertainment through TV, had a message board, I guess that was my first social networking experience. I became friends with several people from chatting and have met quite a few in person. We are still friends today! We have been through some trying times – for me, trying to sell my house in ATL, my Daddy’s illness and death, relocation, unemployment, the Tornado, you name it, I truly have my own Soulfood family! When I moved to Charlotte, I ate Sunday dinner with my Soulfood sister and her family practically every week! They welcomed me with open arms. She even invited me to her church, that I loved and called my church home there, shoutout to Claude and University Park Baptist Church! LOL

So, my Thursday nights will be filled the antics of the Joseph sisters! You should check it out! Soulfood Love Forever!

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  1. Tazzee says:

    *latepass* We used to have soul food nights to watch the show. One would host it and cook soul food. I taped them all for my sister. I think I have the entire series on DVD. I’m the middle child but Teri was me!

    I didn’t know you lived in Charlotte! I was there from 1994-1998 when I moved to ATL. University Park is where I visit when I go back.

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