Tasty Tuesday – Thanksgiving, the remix

Thanksgiving was great! We arrived in Houston around 2 PM. Got our rental car, dropped our luggage off at the hotel and made it to Riverwood (the neighborhood my hubs grew up in) in record time to sit down to a great meal! The great thing this year is my Sister-in-Love hosted, as she now lives 11 houses down from my Mother-in-Love. She normally does all of the cooking anyway, but she didn’t have to travel back and forth this time. We had a spread as you can see from the pics below:

 Gumbo, Broccoli Rice Casserole, Cabbage, Punch

Ham, Turkey, Dressing, Black-Eye Peas, Gravy, Bread 

Sweet Potato Pie, Cream Cheese Pound Cake

We had some good eating going on! And I mean, we walked through the door and it was time to get our grub on! I think my husband planned our flight that way on purpose, thank you honey! LOL

A serious game of Bones, I mean Dominoes ensued after dinner! Check out the pics below of the hubs, sister and cousins:

On Friday it was more of the same, eating and just resting. My Mother-in-Love fixed breakfast for us that really turned into brunch since we got there so late, after stopping two places looking for grits. We hung around her house the rest of the day and then that evening took that stroll to my Sister-in-Love’s house for more Gumbo. We were supposed to go out, but we all opted to stay in and I was asleep before 9 PM.

On Saturday, my husband asked did I want to go get something to eat for breakfast and with every trip, I ask him to drive by The Breakfast Klub, pictured below:


And when we get there, and this is what we saw:


After waiting in the rain, damn near an hour, and just before getting in, I see they just let Arnez J lil chunky self right on through! I told my husband you are a celebrity too, Hell, you used to work at the BOX radio station! I said exercise your celebrity! LOL 

I wanted to leave initially, but my husband told me I make him drive to that place everytime we’re in town and we leave, so we were staying this time LOL. I’m glad we did, the food was good. I had the famous Chicken and Waffles:


After we left, my husband mentioned he wanted to go to a Sports bar to watch the Iron Bowl, not sure how many of you know about this game, Alabama vs Auburn, a big deal in AL, but apparently only there, because he called his friend and asked him about it and he said what game? That was so funny to me, becaues seriously, I could care less about this game! But it was a big deal here! Well, I digress. He ended up just watching at his Mom’s house and thank GOD my Sister-in-Love came to get me and I just rode with her while she ran errands. She mentioned us going to dinner at our favorite spot, Pappadeaux, we always try to go when we’re there, so this trip would be no different. I was so happy. I had one of my favorite meals there, Atlantic Salmon Yvette:

Char-grilled salmon with shrimp, crawfish, mushrooms & spinach in a Monterey jack cheese sauce, with dirty rice. The bomb.com.

Welp, the end of my trip came all too fast. We flew out early Sunday and just barely made the flight! This was the line to get through security:

The end of the line was outside, it was ridiculous! When we got to the gate, the ticket agent told us she was just getting ready to close the door! GOD is good! I did not want to kick it in the airport all day!

We made it back home safely and as soon as we landed my Mom called, so we went to see her. She had cooked Salmon Croquettes and Rice, so score for us and then she had Thanksgiving leftovers for us too! I LOVE that lady! This was our to go bag:


That was my Thanksgiving, the remix! I had a great time just eating, relaxing and visiting with family and friends. I hope you all had a great holiday too!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. adrienne says:

    Man, that chicken and waffles just did me IN lol

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