Tasty Tuesday – The Foursquare Edition

I use a social media app, Foursquare, to check-in random places, mostly while I’m out and about dining or running errands. Every now and then, I reap the benefits of using said app by unlocking a special, and today was that day!

I ended up going to lunch late because my co-workers on EST time always schedule conference calls during CST lunch times, so I opted to leave after instead of going Hella early. Anyhoo, I headed on up the road to the local Chili’s, get this, because the sweet tea is good, I got a problem yo, lol. I ordered my trusty appetizer of Southwestern Eggrolls and checked in and lookie lookie:


I couldn’t eat it all!

I might be sad that Spring hasn’t sprung, but this free dessert gave me just the pick-me-up I needed to finish out the rest of my work day!

How are you on this Tasty Tuesday?

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One Response to Tasty Tuesday – The Foursquare Edition

  1. TheProDiva says:

    LOL! I use FourSquare for the same reason…the deals! Last week I checked into Red Lobster and got a deal during Lobsterfest. And I was way too happy about it!

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