It’s been one of them weeks and I’m just glad to see it coming to an end!

My air conditioner in my car is tripping, I’ve taken it in twice this week and yesterday it was not blowing cool again. I couldn’t be bothered with that today, so I told the mechanic my car would see him on Monday! Thank GOD I don’t really drive it on the weekends.

One of my good girlfriends is graduating from my alma mater, University of Montevallo, tomorrow. She will be 40 in September, and she is finally graduating with her Bachelors. She’s been fussing about waiting so long to finish, but I applaud her for doing it. She’s a single parent and has her own Tax business, so she’s been rather busy! I’m so proud of her for doing it though! It’s never too late and she’s not wasting any time, she’s starting her Masters in August!

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I have not bought the first card. I just haven’t been in the mood. I will go grab some tomorrow. I did make brunch reservations, so I’m ahead of the game in that respect. I’m giving my Mom cash and the hubs sent his Mom flowers, so we are good on gifts.

Oh, I failed to mention, I had to go to the ENT yesterday, I felt myself getting sick last weekend and was so congested and coughing on Wednesday, I think the hubs felt bad for me. So, once again I had to get the trusty steroid shot to the azz and RX’s for days – nasal spray, Allegra D, and an antibiotic. I go through this on the regular, so I knew the drill. Check our the regularity here.

I guess I need to do my hair tonight since it’s looking a hot mess.

That’s all folks!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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