Hey yall! I’ve been busy yo! I’m so glad to see the end of the work week! If I can just get this report off my desk, I will feel so great! Not to mention get this last training session of the week under my belt too, but that’s late afternoon. At least I got the first Conference Call of the day out of the way and it was a very productive one! I spoke with a Senior Trainer that is going to mentor me, so I’m excited about that!

So, let’s talk about what’s on tap for my weekend:

What I am going to do expeditiously is get these eyebrows handled as soon as I peel out of the office parking lot! LOL

Tonight probably nothing, although I have still been thinking about some wings I had last week at bookclub meeting, so I’m really trying to get back to The Clubhouse Restaurant, but not sure. Maybe make it a Redbox night, I want to see these movies:

Birminghamham Black Expo is tomorrow. This is the 3rd one, it’s growing and I have a great time!

I’ll walk around and shop, shake hands, kiss babies, you know how I do! I didn’t volunteer this year, but I’ll still stop by the usual suspects’ booths – the Birmingham Urban League Young Professionals and the American Lung Association and see if someone needs to be relieved. I do think after the expo, I’m going to treat myself to lunch at my fav Thai restaurant, Surin West. Perhaps I may or may not see a cupcake in my future from Urban Standard, I can’t say just yet, but I’ll keep you posted lol!

On Sunday, I guess we’ll see this, that’s our norm.

Good times I tell you! What’s on tap for your weekend?

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  1. adrienne says:

    Never heard of the marriage chronicles! Let me know how that is lol.

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