Thankful Thursday – Bruno Mars

A few months ago my sister mentioned that if Bruno Mars came here in concert, she wanted to go! Well, one Saturday morning I was watching TV and a commercial came on announcing Bruno was gracing the Magic City with his presence! So, I agreed to accompany my sister and she was going to buy the tickets when they went on sale. The tickets went on sale the day after his great performance at the Super Bowl. The day of, I was at work and remembered the tickets went on sale and pulled up Ticket Master to check it out. I called my sister to be sure she remembered to buy the tickets and she was having a come apart! She was online and had secured tickets in her cart, but something happened with her internet, it froze! She was really wanting front row tickets and I was online checking it out and I was like oh, I see front row, she started screaming buy them!!! I’m like, WTH?! Ok, lol!

Today I’m thankful that my sister and I had Sisters Nite Out last night at the Bruno Mars concert! It was AWESOME! He is a great performer! His swag was on 10! He danced his azz off y’all and his band, love them! Here are a few pics:







Oh and Aloe Blacc opened for him, he was pretty good too!


If you want to see a good show, check Bruno’s Tour out!


Be Kurlylicious!



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One Response to Thankful Thursday – Bruno Mars

  1. Disco Diva says:

    Front row? You so fancy!

    I saw him in SC and LOVED it! I am a fan. He is awesome.

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