Thankful Thursday – Glad to have known 2 great people!

My 4th of July started out with receiving some horrible news that my husband’s line brother had passed. This guy was the epitome of a great man! A husband, father, son, brother, fraternity brother and was someone I considered a friend. My heart goes out to his family. I could not begin to imagine what his wife was going through, his children, his friends. It was such a shock and still is and I just know the effect it is having on my husband and his line brothers, to see grown men emotional is so heart breaking. I know Reggie is in a better place. Thank you bro for being my voice of reason when I was 2 seconds away from Snapped, LOL! Rest in Heaven.

Then on Thursday, I received more disturbing news, I learned a young lady had passed on Tuesday. The sad thing is the public didn’t find out until Thursday, that’s when her name was released here.

I met Nancy initially at the our first Magic City Black Expo years ago, she was selling her art work and I immediately made a purchase and am now determined to get it hung in my home. We often ran into each other, realizing we had mutual friends. My friend wrote a beautiful article on this talented and passionate young lady! Rest in eternal peace!

And these two deaths were on top of a good friend losing his Mom as well. So, I’ve been taking inventory of my life, even asking family members is their life insurance in order. I have a Will on my list of things to do ASAP. I know this is the order of life, but it’s a lot and I’m trying. Please tell your loved ones and friends you love them! Please! Tomorrow is not promised!

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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday – Glad to have known 2 great people!

  1. Wow. So sorry for the loss of your friends. This was heartbreaking to read. Both of them so young and living full lives. It definitely make you reflect and prioritize.

  2. I will be definitely praying for peace and comfort for both you and your husband.

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