Thankful Thursday – New Gym Perks

My Gym is better than yours!

My Gym is better than yours!


I’ve been on a journey to be more cognizant of my physical fitness and health. As a result of this, I’ve committed to working out more. I’ve been a member of our local YMCA for 2 1/2 years or so. I chose this location because it was close to the house and less expensive than having a city-wide membership. Well, in my ripe old age, I realize you get what you pay for! The city-wide YMCA, which offers a newer facility that is not too far from my home happened to be running a special for the next 3 months and it’s cheaper than what I’m currently paying. I decided to try it out and y’all, I’m never going back! Here are are few of the new gym perks:

  • FREE WiFi! My husband and I have been trying to figure out why our YMCA didn’t offer this! That was a total shock to me, but I welcome it!
  • Extended hours, which is very helpful given how hectic our lives can be.
  • More classes that I plan to take full advantage of – Pure Barre, Y Strong and Spin, which I’m all in to by the way!

Just to be clear, I liked our YMCA ok, but when you’re paying monthly, and the gym constantly has broken equipment and when you ask about it, they tell you how expensive it is to get it fixed, well, Bye Felicia!


#GymSelfie after a great Workout in my new gym!

#GymSelfie after a great Workout in my new gym!


So, today, I’m thankful for my new gym and all the perks. How are you doing? Any workout goals?

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  1. adrienne says:

    You making me think about this lol. Hmmmmmm

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