Thankful Thursday – RIP Uncle Craig


Uncle Craig and my Sister!

Well, here it is again – I will be attending the funeral of one of my craziest and funniest uncles, Uncle Craig! Just for the added shock value, I traveled last week for work and extended my trip through the weekend, so my husband could join me in Orlando, FL and had the unfortunate pleasure of learning of his death on Facebook! To say I was livid and nauseous is a MOFO understatement! I thank GOD my husband was with me though. After confirming and relaying the information to my husband, we were both in shock. This is my Mama’s brother and the second brother she has lost in four years. Now it’s only she and her sister left, as siblings. My Grandmother is burying another one of her babies. I got over being so upset about not being informed and thought about both of the ladies I love the most. My heart aches for them! I have never lost a sibling and after losing my Daddy, I don’t think I could take anything that hurt as bad as that.

So, I ask that you please pray for my family! This is the Uncle that moved in with my Grandmother to help her take care of my dying Grandfather. The one that cracked all of the jokes, all of them, even at inappropriate times. I’m the oldest Granddaughter and Niece and I would sometimes have to turn into the adult and fuss at him because he played so much! I would love to hear him call me Redbone one more time and I hated that name with a passion! He could cook his butt off and loved to share! He has my family gardening and that’s something they hadn’t done in years. I will miss him as well as the family, but he will be with his brothers, my Daddy and Granddaddy! Uncle Craig remember when Uncle Terryl died and you voiced that you wonder would the turnout for your funeral be like it was for Uncle Terryl?, you have no idea! We are burying you on Saturday in Prattville, AL and I already fear the crowd that will be there to show you all the love you always gave out! We’ve already ordered more programs on top of what the funeral home suggested! And you know if we run out of food, a chicken run will be made lol.

Uncle Craig, I pray that you are resting in Heaven! Blessings and Love always!

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