Thankful Thursday – Root Canal Edition

Today, I’m thankful that I kept with my first mind and stayed on my dentist until I was granted a Root Canal! These fools said I needed a deep cleaning and a filling replaced on a top tooth, which I probably do, but it was not causing the pain I was feeling on the bottom, although they said it was recessed pain. I was referred to an Endodontics office and upon him doing a cold test and me nearly coming up out of the chair, a root canal was what I needed. Also, your girl has a YUCK MOUTH, my tooth was cracked and infected, so that’s probably why I was in so much pain! And yeah, my dentist didn’t see this! I went to the dentist on February 27th and just got the root canal this past Tuesday, March 13th and in between that time, I had taken a whole bottle of prescription strength Naproxen, so when it was time to take it for my cramps, I was out!

The Endodontics office was very nice, I got to watch the Today Show, they covered me up with a blanket because it was freezing and the view was great too! I called the dentist office on Tuesday because I now need a crown, and of course they have not called me back yet, but my phone rang this morning and it was the Endodontics office calling to check on me. Still no word from the dentist office. I now a new dentist!

I’m still thankful that I’m on the road to recovery. Tooth ache pain is the worst!

What are you thankful for today?

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One Response to Thankful Thursday – Root Canal Edition

  1. adrienne says:

    So glad you are getting that taken care of!
    I’m just THANKFUL lol.

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