Thankful Thursday – So very glad we met!

Saturday was supposed to be a good day! I made it to Spin class and had a Wedding that evening, but what started out as a good day, quickly turned terribly tragic as I received the news that a friend was no longer with us! It’s amazing how fast news travels, especially with social media! I saw the news on fb and confirmed it with my husband who had actually received the call while I was at the gym. My Lord!

This man had turned his life around and was an asset to the community. He had a family, was a Motivational Speaker, an Author, (I read his book) and just an all around nice guy! To learn more about his walk, check out his feature here.

My thoughts and prayers are with his Wife and Son that he leaves behind. I’m so very glad we met, and until we meet again.

That same evening at the Wedding, my girlfriend shared that she had just gotten the news that her Dad had passed as well. UGH! Unfortunately, I can relate to this loss.

My Friend and a Daddy's Girl!

My Friend and a Daddy’s Girl!


In spite of the bad news, the Wedding was nice and it was great to see friends.

Please, if you are a praying person, pray for these two families. Thank you!

Be Kurlylicious!


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  1. Renae says:

    Prayers going up for those 2 families.

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