Thankful Thursday – The Best Mother-in-Love Edition

My Mother-in-Love & Soror!

My Mother-in-Love & Soror!

Today I’m thankful for a Mother-in-Love that I can truly say I LOVE! She is all kinds of AWESOME! She raised my husband to be a wonderful son, brother, man and husband, because he is all of that too, but back to her. Not only is she my Mother-in-Love, but my Soror too, which is special in itself, because we share a special sisterhood bond as well. All of that to say, while she was on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard as she is every year, she thought of me while she was there. I was pleasantly surprised to open my mailbox and received this wonderful gift:


She said while browsing in the shop, she saw the t-shirt, immediately thought of me and bought it! Not only was that very thoughtful and sweet, I LOVE it! Brown is my favorite color, I love t-shirts and the message is even better!

The picture above is from the best Homecoming ever, Tuskeegee University. And although we don’t see each other often, Homecoming is a time that she and I reconnect. Last year, my husband opted out of going, but I still went and had a ball with her and my Sorority sisters . And although she is a Mama, she held it down with the Sorors when we picked her up for dinner lol. I’m already looking forward to this year! Thank you Mother-in-Love for thinking of me! See you soon!

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  1. What a blessing to have such a great relationship, which is a very important relationship. I bet your husband is proud. I like that, “Mother-in-love” it made me smile because I have new cousin in NYC that calls me her “Cousin-in-love” because I am engaged to her favorite cousin.

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