Weekend in Review

Hello! My weekend was pretty lowkey! Friday, I had to desperately make a Target run! I have no idea how I let our household get down to our last roll of toilet paper, but I can now say, it’s happened to me. That had me feeling nervous and anxious, so I had to rectify that situation immediately!

Saturday, I barely made it to the gym for my class fooling around with my husband and our scheduled day to clean the garage, but I made it!


 The workout was great and had me still feeling the effects yesterday! I’ll go back to this Instructor. She was really good! Now, her peer, there is one, I will never waste my time with again and I mean that!

Sunday, the best part of waking up is my bae, the Keurig lol!


This is Bae!

I’m hooked on these K-Cups:

Cafe Bustelo Expresso

with this Creamer:

DD Creamer


In the afternoon, the first matinee per usual, we checked out the highly anticipated Straight Outta Compton movie and it did not disappoint!


Reppin my City!


Reppin my Sorority

If I wasn’t nervous about being in a movie theater, I would go see it again, it was that good, but I’m going to remain safe and just download the greatest hits!

Afterwards, we stopped at our local Logan’s to grab a bite to eat. I got the Steakhouse Salad and I must say it was really good! I’ve tried to order it before and they were out of Avocado, so I made sure to ask did the have any before placing my order.

Logan’s Steakhouse Salad

That was my weekend, how was yours?

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