>Weekend in Review (Late)

>I had a pretty busy weekend! I double-booked myself on Friday, so I was literally running when I got off. Luckily, I happened upon a fun dress that I could just step into right out of the shower, so that was Winning! My first stop was Art on the Rocks at the B’ham Musueum of Art. Since I had to cut out early, I intended to get there when it started at 6, but I was a half-hour behind because I had to make the dreaded stop at the bank, but I met the nicest teller, got my transaction taken care of lickety-split. Anyhoo, all off topic, I was the first of my girls to arrive. I nibbled on some snacks and realized the fried okra was the best thing up in that place! I only bought wine tickets, because I knew my next stop, the Mexican spot, I would have a Margarita there.

That MIA sun did a number on me LOL

The band was pretty good

My next stop was a going away dinner for my friend that is moving to the next city north of here, HuntsVegas (Huntsville). She’s a real tropper, she was driving there everyday for work, 1 1/2 hour each way, but she’s tired of the drive now. I had to go to the dinner, because a club was the next night and I do get out from time to time, but that spot makes me feel my age and I am older than this group of friends.

Chucking the Deuces to B’ham, she’s on the left LOL

On Saturday, I went to a Yard Sale my friend was having and I was recognized as a Blogger! Talk about Celebrity Status, NOT! It was funny though. I wish I had gotten a picture with my new friend Kisha from Creating Memories on Paper, but I was looking a hot mess LOL. Kisha, actually recoginized me from fellow blogger, Adrienne’s blog. I had to immediately tweet Adrienne. I’ve never been recognized as a blogger, so it was hella funny to me! Ok, back to the event at hand, here are a couple of pics of the great merchandise that was available at the Yard Sale!

I did get me two good finds, a set of gold and silver chargers and a picture frame. I grabbed breakfast and headed back home and didn’t leave again for the rest of the day.

On Sunday, we went to church and since I was lazy on Saturday, I had to do a quick co-wash in the shower, my husband didn’t like that since my hair was wet in his car LOL. We went to Ruby Tuesdays since we had a coupon and were pleasantly surprised they had brunch and it was really good. We had about an hour gap before our movie started, so I took a quick power nap before heading out to see the Green Lantern. That was my weekend in review!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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3 Responses to >Weekend in Review (Late)

  1. Adrienne says:

    >Is that Artney??? lol

  2. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    >Yes ma'am, it is! She's one of my friends and a soror! Her blog is on my blog – http://pbnaturals.tumblr.com/ list to the right.

  3. Ki says:

    >It was really nice meeting you. Amazing how small this world really is, the fact we share the same friend and I'd not long learned of your blog from Adrienne. I've know Traci since I was umm maybe 12. I do wish we'd taken a pic also. There's always next time. Have a wonderful week/end:)

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