>Weekend in Review

>Welcome to Daylight Savings Time! I normally love the time change, but I’m so thrown off today and will be paying for it tomorrow.

Let’s talk about the weekend – yeah, all that partying I was supposed to do Friday, yeah, it didn’t happen. I went to get my eyebrows threaded after work and came home and got in the bed! We ordered a pizza and Mister and I were both in our respective quarters lol. Saturday, still being lazy, but was determined to make it to the Vendors, I finally got out of the house about 1, but had lunch with the hubs first and journeyed on to the Civic Center. Now get this, I’ve been in the sorority 19 years next month and they were charging to get into the Vendors. First time seeing that, but I guess it’s a first for everything. Anyhoo, I found a few good items, the hubs got lucky too! I guess I need to take pics huh? Next post.

On to Saturday night – remember the hubs friend’s birthday party and NeNe Leakes was the celebrity guest, well, she made it in true diva fashion – late like always. We got to take a couple of pics with her and since I’ve met her a couple of times now, I notieced she was very talkative this time. She attended Kevin Liles Wedding that was here last July and we talked about that since we were both there. She talked about our Mayor, how fine he is – #truestatement and how he is flirt, I believe that. And then I asked her about Atlanta’s Mayor, Kasim Reed. He was also at the Wedding and he’s single, but she told me his girlfriend was at the Wedding with him. I never saw him with anyone and I was in very close proximity to him at the Reception. He was hanging with Frank Ski, a local Atlanta Radio Personality. I did hear from two of our friends last night that Miss NeNe was on some Diva ish, but I honestly didn’t see that. She acted just like I do when you take a pic, she wanted to take it over. And then when I complained about the second one – my double-chin was prominent, she was nice enough to offer to take it again, but I told her that was ok, but I did appreciate the offer. Here are the pics:

Ice Sculpture anyone? – our friend always does it BIG! lol

NeNe didn’t like this pic, I didn’t like the next one

The family with NeNe – the last party, my husband wouldn’t even get in the pic lol

We stayed until the club closed and then went to another club. Mind you the time changed. Staying out until 6 in the morning and Daylight Savings Time is going to have me messed up in the morning. I just started laundry at 8 PM and under the hair dryer at 10. (I purposely didn’t do my hair, because that club allows smoking). I did have a fat nap though lol! The hair dryer and laundry dryer both stopped within minutes of each other, so I’m going to bed!

Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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