What makes a Great Saturday?

Having your Husband invite you to lunch so you can dine on these good eats:




And they may have been washed down with a tasty Strawberry Margarita!

Then going to hang out at the Soccer field with your BFF who’s in town to cheer on the Concord Fire! (Her daughter plays well)



And this cute little guy took our pic:



Then making a stop at my fav Wholesale Club, Costco, and picking up this:


That my friends makes for a great Saturday!

How did you spend your Saturday?

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4 Responses to What makes a Great Saturday?

  1. Beautifully Complex says:

    Those oysters look sooo good !
    I did some shopping for a couple of birthday gifts and my God daughter and her girlfriend came from out of town & needed a crash spot for the weekend so I hosted them.

  2. Serenity23 says:

    Great photo, except NO to that Alabama teeshirt! LMAO

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