>World Natural Hair Show

>It was Epic! OMG! So many vendors, product demonstrations, product discounts galore and gorgeous naturals! I had a great time! It was super packed, when we pulled in, the parking attendant told us we were there with 4000 others! I was sorry that I didn’t get an opportunity to meet @Babsinblogland. She had gone earlier and warned me there was a line about an hour long. Fortunately for me when the bff and I got there, there was still a line, but I guess they wised up and had event workers coming up to you in line armed with armbands if you were paying with cash! #Score for us!

Here are a number of pics taken from the show!

One of the many shots of me!

The BFF, we’re goin in!

The highlight of the event for me was finally meeting one of my cyber friends of almost 10 years, Shantigo, in person! This relationship has spanned from the Soulfood Message board, me living in 3 different states & on to fb and twitter. And if the world wasn’t small enough, her cousin is one of my really good friends from college and does my hair sometimes!

A featured Blogger, Taren that was hanging out at the Huetiful Steamer booth and I scored a headband from one of the guys since I offered him a suggestion (for my own selfish reason) of pushing the facial attachment during Christmas sales – the hubs bought mine then and didn’t know about the facial attachment lol

My first B’ham siting, Darrius – Natural Hair Stylist and he has a mineral cosmetics line, Hayah

Jessica from Jessicurl – I bought her Week Deep Conditioning Treatment – Citrus Lavendar

You have to know the BFF, she was convinced after trying out the Edge Stick herself to purchase it. It’s a stick in the form of a small comb that gets your edges straight. It goes up to 400 degrees.

Chris-Tia from Thank GOD I’m Natural! I had to stalk her a little, I’m looking for her limited edition Pink bling t-shirt. She took my contact info down and will get it to me lol.

Second B’ham siting, my friends from The B’ham Church and we’re all natural now!

Another shot of the BFF & I, we found a new back drop

And I’ll leave you with one last shot:

THIS! < ICAN'T.com

All in all, this event was a win for me! I would go again, now another Natural Hair Meet-up, uh NOT so sure!

Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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3 Responses to >World Natural Hair Show

  1. Lady Kinnks says:

    >Wish I went there!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Looks like so much fun! Your BFF's dress was hawt. I love the shoulder cut outs! And your hair looks fabulous as always!Serenity23

  3. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    >Kinnks, it was great!Serenity, as I said, I had a ball! My BFF saw someone else with her dress on in teal, and here I was worried about my F21 dress lol.

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